The harvest is perhaps the most awaited and exciting moment of the entire life cycle of the plant, it is the period when you can enjoy the fruits of your hard work, in the form of large, fantastic, sticky gems. That said, what happens starting from the germination of the plant determines the factors of your final harvest, including, but not limited to, the characteristics of quality and quantity.

How many gems will your beloved plants produce, and how good will be the smoke for recreational purposes or the therapeutic potential of the gems produced? As growers, you will learn new tricks and methods to improve, through trial and error. Were you using too little light? Too little nourishment? Too much water? These experiments have been done by many others in the past, and we now know what to do and what not to do. To save you time, effort and failed attempts, we have prepared a basic guide on the parameters to consider in order to ensure that the end result is powerful and tasty grass, to be proud of.


One of the determining factors for obtaining healthy and potent cannabis is the environment that you provide to your plants in the form of moisture, water, nutrients and air, but even the seeds’ genetics play an important role in the final result at harvest time. . Considering genetics is probably the first step to optimizing your goals when you grow marijuana.

Do you want to grow some sativa plants rich in THC that provide a cerebral and energetic high? Do you prefer some seeds to calm down and relax? Or maybe a hybrid to get the best of both worlds? Perhaps you want your seeds to contain autoflowering ruderalis genes in order to shorten growth times and avoid having to change the light cycle to induce flowering? Are you cultivating solely for therapeutic purposes and you want cannabis flowers that contain more CBD than THC?

As you can see, the world of cannabis cultivation is very complex, full of options to meet different needs. When you buy good quality seeds from reputable suppliers, usually you are also notified of the percentages of cannabinoids present in the variety, its smell and taste, the type of effect it causes, the duration of the growth cycle and the potential yield that can be obtained. in indoor and outdoor cultivation. 
The choice of genetics is a fundamental step in order to achieve the desired result.

Among the various seed selections you could for example choose Zambeza’s Critical XXL if you are looking for a dominanza indica variety, rich in THC. Critical XXL offers an intense and sweet taste, and a classic effect indicates stunning. It has a flowering period of about 50 days and grown indoors reaches a height of 150cm.

Another excellent choice for those who are looking for a deep relaxing soak can be, for example, Crazy Cookies by Zambeza. This hybrid variety is the result of the union between the legendary varieties Cookies and OG Kush. It contains an extraordinary 25% THC, blooms in about 55 days, and is strongly dominant. It has a sweet and earthy aroma, and can be expected to reach the size of 100cm, if grown indoors.


The amount of moisture present in the growing environment affects the health and yield of your plants, more than you can imagine. Marijuana plants have specific humidity preferences in their different stages of growth. Humidity levels within the growing space can easily be controlled by tools such as hygrometers and thermometers. Moisture levels are important because hot air contains more water than cold air, so if your cannabis plants are in a phase that requires less water in the air, it should be removed.

The young seedlings prefer higher levels of humidity while their root system develops, preferably around 65 percent. Increased moisture will also allow greater absorption of water through the leaves. The next period in the development cycle is the vegetative phase, in which the humidity levels can be reduced by about 5 percent each week. This must be done because the roots start to absorb more water. The next step is flowering, where the humidity level is further lowered to around 40 percent.

Therefore, it is important to vary the level of humidity depending on the development phase, but how can this be done? Well, fans, fans and dehumidifiers can be useful for lowering humidity levels, while humidifiers and nebulizers serve to increase them.


All plants need heat to grow and develop properly. But too much heat can be very harmful. So we try to understand what is the maximum temperature that your plants are able to withstand.

Temperature plays a huge role in the life of a plant. When it gets too cold, the plants can not grow and the seeds can not sprout. A stable temperature helps the young plants to rapidly develop the root systems. Keeping track of nighttime temperatures, the farmer can be sure that the growth of leaves and branches will be abundant.

In short, when marijuana plants get too cold, their growth is slowed or in some cases completely stopped. The heat prevents this from occurring, but must not become excessive.


There are several signs that indicate if your plants are suffering from thermal stress. First, the ends of the leaves will begin to curl up in a phenomenon that is often and easily confused with symptoms of excess nutrients. The main difference between thermal stress and supercharging is that in the first case the whole leaves curl, not just the tips. Moreover, unlike the excess of nutrients, the ends of the leaves will not be “burned”. It is therefore necessary to look for any curved leaves downwards, but without the symptoms of excess nutrients.

If the humidity in your growing environment is very low or the climate is very dry, cannabis plants tend to bend the leaves downwards due to the heat. Even if the heat does not seem to be excessive, when it is combined with low humidity, the plants may be damaged. It is necessary to pay close attention to the edges of the leaves in case you want to keep a low humidity to avoid molds.

Flowering plants are even more susceptible to thermal stress. If too many leaves are damaged by overheating, the cannabis plant responds with less bloom. This anomaly in flowering can manifest itself with what is called “foxtailing”, that is, the fox-tailed inflorescences that are usually closer to the cultivation lamps.

Flowers can also show new growths at much higher speeds to the top of the plant, rather than down. These new pistils are usually white and give the impression that the flower is not ready for harvest. This is a negative signal given by overheated cannabis plants. When you have to decide the right time to start the harvest of your plants pay attention to the lower part of the flowers, because here you will find a better indication of their real maturation.


There are several ways to help your plants withstand high temperatures or recover from damage caused by excess heat. The different solutions depend mostly on the environment in which they are growing. The most obvious and common solution is to make sure you have adequate temperature sensors. These help to detect if the cultivation lamps are too close to the plants, or if the sun may be too intense for your plants at certain periods of their life cycle.

Outdoor cultivation can leave you with less choices about temperature regulation, but there are some tactics that can be used to help your plants survive explosive temperatures. The root system seems to be very useful for preventing thermal damage in the upper regions of cannabis plants. A frequent and thorough irrigation program, and if possible adapted to the weather forecast, is a great way to keep the plant’s root system cool. Another option is to dig a hole in the ground (deep as your pots) and put the plant there, including the pot. The cooler temperature of the soil should remove heat from plants.

What I Did on 4.20.2012 — A Trail of Roaches and Seeds

It seems like I’ve spent the last year crawling throughout rain soaked Ca. form one pot-head medical marijuana event to another.  I’m not sure about some of the things I saw within some of these communities… hungry for medical cannabis. The reality of the nightmare of marijuana prohibition that president Obama has set upon us. I saw people from all venues of life who love pot, weed, medical marijuana or what ever lame ass name you want to call it – Its a plant, plain and simple. This was so invigorating to see and most weed smokers would go on to tell me that as tough as things appear, we’re better off than those with no medical marijuana laws to protect them at all.

Starting off  at 4:20 am (on 4.20 – 2012) in the morning off in front of Oaksterdam for any protest and march beginning in the Concord Federal building. It had been a colorful and powerful come out well over 100 devoted activists and concerned cannabis supporters. The audience accumulated at 1301 Clay Street with signs along with a hunger for freedom. Lots of people who support Oaklsterdam and cannabis reform were attending, and thrilled for that cause. It had been awesome to determine. The big event was organized by CANORML (I believe), brought by Dale Garinger.

But anyway….Following the speeches the audience started marching towards lower Clay Street and thru Oscar Grant Plaza and also the City Hall corridor. There is a lengthy type of us marching with this signs and our spirits. Everyone else chanted and screamed and traffic within the plaza was stopped dead as our precession came through raising awareness for that cause.

My message —  one which was leaking over from the day before; “QUIT TAKING POOR KIDS TO JAIL FOR WEED!” When you are able achieve individuals with the content that “America locks up 25% from the world’s prison population, while only getting 5% from the actual world population because we take poor kids to jail for weed every single day,” people have it. They are able to comprehend the fundamental math and individuals realize that these laws and regulations mainly concentrate on the poor and fewer fortunate in today’s world. I screamed “IT Isn’t The Wealthy KIDS Likely To JAIL FOR WEED! It’s The POOR KIDS!” In Concord, that’s a really REAL message. I saw many viewers ponder the details and jerk in complete agreement or noticeably show their support. Taking kids to jail for weed is no more acceptable which was the content I made the decision to hammer home .

The march visited Obama’s campaign headquarters in Concord along with a crowd was outdoors demanding that Obama keep his promise to prevent interfering in condition cannabis laws and regulations. Several prominent activist, such as the great Chris Conrad, spoke in defiance of tyranny and advised Obama knock-off the shit. It had been an excellent action and something which was memorable as well as very fun. I suppose I simply love standing in the pub corner screaming about weed. Not necessarily, however i deeply love understanding that we arrived at 100s, otherwise 1000′s, of individuals using the message that cannabis prohibition is fucking crazy.

Folks organised in the Oaksterdam student union later on for many refreshments and camaraderie. It had been best to see diverse people in our community attending to battle for which is appropriate. I spoken with a reporter who requested me basically was disappointed using the come out, given all that’s happening. I reminded him that people were knee deep within an actual war, which our opposition had managed to get hard for the public to leave the cannabis closet because society still stigmatizes cannabis customers which many face lack of employment…or kids…or their liberties, if they’re shot in a cannabis rally. It is not easy turning non-activists to political actions, as there’s regrettably still a great deal on the line within this era. I assured him that for everybody people there have been millions of others entertaining us on and standing there around. He agreed.

Later within the day I made your way to Hippy Hill in SF. I didn’t allow it to be by 4:20, when i decided. I had been in the toll booth for 4/20 but amazingly enough there have been twelve approximately cars consistent with us which were all taking pleasure in as soon as because the huge clock around the Bay Bridge tool booth read 4:20 pm. It had been type of surreal. There is a puff of smoke rising up in the see of cars, and i’m confident it wasn’t exhaust.

However when we’ve got to Hippy Hill it had been still packed towards the max with weedheads. The whole front half (a minimum of) of Golden Gate Park was populated by individuals who love cannabis. It had been fucking sweet. Within the field near hippy hill there have been stoners so far as the attention often see. Kids were moving little read wagons filled with food items around, music was thumping, and there is weed smoke EVERYWHERE. The floor was full of blunt packages and glass bongs were being passed around through the dozen. We rose the hill to miss the huge crowd and to take the vibe. It had been EPIC SHIT. There is no arguing the energy of the area filled with cannabis enthusiasts who don’t provide a fuck and are prepared to be outlaws…even if just during the day. People originated from all to take part in the gorgeous day and also the ceremony of fourOr20. I had been impressed. It might not be simple to get people to get an indication and obtain to some protest however the statement produced by 20,000 plus waiting in a area taking massive rips and repel the shit from the law with every weed hustle you can think about is Effective by itself. It states “WE are here, and go fuck yourself.” Mad respect to any or all the children who arrived on the scene making that shit free.

Then we caught some hella tasty grub at Memphis Minnies close to the Vapor Room on lower Haight St. Scrumptious. The Vapor Room was packed, therefore we didn’t create a cameo there but rather packed the van and headed out for a night in Sacramento with’s event at Harlow’s. It had been a great event in a great venue with nice music and lots of individuals who supported ending cannabis prohibition. A few of the neighborhood arrived on the scene and that we were built with a swell time coming body fat doobies out back and talking about the present situation and also the occurrences during the day.

I acquired home at about 3 am after shedding from the folks and woke up early for many little league action. I almost called it within the next day for that Deep Eco-friendly Fest in Richmond, however, many good buddies have there been and so i drawn my 3 hrs rest getting ass together making the visit to “The Wealthy.” Deep Eco-friendly was once more a sparsely attended event, that appeared a lot more like a trade event than a celebration. Actually, I’m not extending its love to visit “deep” in it, because it was virtually just like this past year and you will read it within articles titled ”Deep Something…” It appeared to become a little less people than this past year even, no matter just how much attention it got from Weed Wars. It might be challenging people arrive at Richmond. I suppose the real test is going to be when High Occasions turns up in June to complete the Cannabis Cup in the same venue. If it’s packed, only then do we knows it’s not Richmond’s somewhat roughneck status the reason for the possible lack of turnout to Much deeper Eco-friendly, the follow up. I am certain the big event marketers have to be rethinking this for the coming year, but we will have. I figured after this past year they’d have threw in the towel about this year. Exactly what do I understand anyway?

Coffee Bus

Used to do have fun because, as noted within the article from this past year, me and my buddies like to walk around and check out the crazies that comprise this industry and obtain a good chuckle from everyone’s latest and finest ordeals because the event wasn’t packed there is lots of elbow room and places to sit down. They did give a love bus towards the smoking yard this time around that was intriguing and colorful without a doubt.

We finished our extended cameo and returned to your accommodation for any awesome dab session with Deejay Wiid. My cannabis adventures had ended, and that i drove to the home before night time so I didn’t are a pumpkin.

Things I learned over my 48 hour blitz tour of countless unique and interesting cannabis occasions was that WEED Rocks !! People enjoy it. It will help many people possess a better existence. It’s super safe. Chicks search weed. Weed knows no age, race, or type of person. Weed is ubiquitous. Individuals will visit great measures simply because they love weed. Weed is important. And there’s an abundance of weed in Northern Cali without a doubt.

Colorado Marijuana Driving Bill Passes Senate

Are you a Colorado marijuana smoker? Well then you should know that there is a new CO. state bill creating a THC baseline DUI test for motorists that drive while stoned is here. This bill first made an appearance only to die a slow demise on the Colorado Senate floor, then in a last ditch effort was saved and brought back — then went on to win by just one  vote Tuesday mid-day.

The marijuana DUI bill, which would outline what impairment from cannabis meant — the limit of 5 nanograms per milliliter of bloodstream, now heads towards the Republican-controlled House, where its passage seems likely, reviews Michael Roberts at Colorado Westword.

Senator Morgan Carroll had stated in The month of january that they feared Sen. Steve King’s retry from the cannabis driving bill could be hard to stop this time around around, because of a difficult maneuver that prevented her committee. Then, the measure made an appearance to die around the Senate floor Tuesday mid-day, prior to being raised from the dead, known as back for any second election, and passing with a single election.

SB 112-117 handed down an 18-17 election.

Competitors from the pot “impairment” measure question the effectiveness from the standard, simply because THC remains within the systems of customers (because it matches your body’s own endocannabinoids, THC is not seen as an contaminant through the body, but instead being an ally).

Medicinal marijuana patient and Westword rater William Inhales registered at nearly triple the five ng/ml limit when completely unimpaired and sober throughout an evaluation this past year. Such evidence led to the initial bill being shelved this past year, for additional study.

Sen. Carroll reminded her co-workers of a number of individuals issues with what Inhales referred to being an impassioned plea for legal sanity. She contended the 5-nanogram limit is not high enough for a lot of medicinal marijuana patients who must use large doses to manage their signs and symptoms.

“One may think we’re discussing whether people can drive full of Colorado or otherwise,Inch Carroll stated. “I am confident the election could be 35 to zero in the event that were the situation, but it is not. There’s no doubt that many people at this 5-nanogram level could be impaired. But however , you will find also folks at this level who aren’t impaired.”

“Why do they believe they’re wiser compared to men who checked out this this past year?” wondered attorney and former judge Leonard Frieling. “What makes them putting things off with this particular again? It is simply incredible.”

Meanwhile, Sen. Steve King, speaking in support of the balance, cited bogus statistics concerning the amount of motorists found with marijuana THC within their system. However the stats don’t specify if the motorists under consideration registered under or higher 5 ng/ml, or maybe the THC within their bloodstream was active — crucial in creating actual impairment, as stated by Inhales.

Colrado marijuana smokers “do not need this whatsoever, since the current law works,” Frieling stated. “And when they demand to pay attention to 5, they are able to condition it as being a rebuttable presumption. Go ahead and take ‘per se’ words from it. That will agree better using the science, which implies that at five, many people might be impaired, but many people aren’t.

“The correlation between bloodstream alcohol and impaired driving, when i comprehend the science, is fairly obvious,” Frieling stated. “The greater the amount, the worse you drive. But that seems to not hold true as cleanly with cannabis seeds. So speaking about impaired driving is a factor, but attempting to provide a number a meaning it does not have is one thing else entirely.

“We required a really lengthy see this this past year — checked out it cautiously,Inch Frieling stated. “And also the ultimate conclusion was, ‘We will not pass this.’ What’s transformed?”